OpenNPU can be used to program the Indigo devices using platforms and appliances that are commercially available from Mellanox Technologies.

Indigo (NPS) Smart SDN/NFV TOR/Platform

NPU-based TOR/Platform for Data Centers

Mellanox’s Indigo (NPS) Smart SDN/NFV TOR/Platform is based on the Indigo NPS-400™ network processor. This high-availability TOR or platform provides high speed, fully programmable packet processing at all 7 layers, as well as a variety of hardware accelerators for implementing a wide array of network applications for data centers and telecom networks. The Indigo NPS-400 provides 400Gb/s, C programmable, data-plane processing. A COM Express CPU provides the control plane processing utilizing a high bandwidth 8Gb/s PCIe bus for data transactions with the network processor.


Indigo IDG4400 Flex

Programmable L2-L7 Packet Processing 1U Platform

Indigo IDG4400 Flex is a high-availability, fully-programmable Ethernet platform based on the Indigo NPS™-400 network processor, capable of sustaining high-speed packet processing for L2-L7 applications. Its sophisticated capabilities make the IDG4400 Flex an ideal solution for a broad assortment of customers, including networking and security OEMs, enterprise data centers, telcos and ISPs, that seek to boost the their applications with outstanding stateful flow, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and IPsec performance, while lowering their CAPEX and OPEX. This world-leading platform can accelerate a wide range of solutions addressing today’s most advanced security and networking needs, including router-type functions, intrusion prevention and detection, application recognition, firewall, and DDoS prevention.