Documentation is available from the How to download page.

The following documents are available for each EZdk release.

EZdk Installation Guide The EZdk software development kit is a comprehensive set of design and runtime tools developing both data-plane and control-plane applications for Indigo (NPS) devices.
Release Notes
This document provides additional information related to the release not contained in the product’s manuals. It is recommended that you read this document before using the product.
Developer’s Guide Describes each of the control plane libraries and each of the data plane libraries and their respective APIs. Includes how they can be ported to various platforms and used to develop control-plane applications for Indigo-based products.
Programming Manual Offers programmers the basic information required to code a data plane processing application for Indigo (NPS) network processors.
Demo Application Sample data plane and control plane application designed to enable developers to quickly begin writing an application for an Indigo-based system.
L23Qos Application Describes the operation of a simple Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing sample application on the Indigo (NPS) network processor.
IPsec Gateway Application Describes a sample IPsec gateway application on the Indigo (NPS) network processor.